M249 SAW Body Shroud For Tippmann A-5

M249 SAW Body Shroud For Tippmann A-5

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Pack the Heat: Put an M249 SAW on Your Team!

Real Action Paintball is proud to announce the hottest body mod yet for heavy gunners: the M249 SAW Body Shroud for Tippmann A5 markers. This upgrade takes your reliable Tippmann A5 and turns it into the very image of the M249 SAW.

Many scenario teams have "heavy gunners," the equivalent of a squad machine gunner. This player loads him or herself down with extra pods and takes to the field planning on spraying everything in range—providing cover fire, searching fire, suppressive fire, and a lot of noise. Now heavy gunners have the perfect mod for their markers, to take their role and truly run with it: the M249 SAW Body Shroud.

This metal body kit bolts right over your existing A5, leaving your controls free…but changing everything else into the most realistic M249 SAW experience you"re going to get in paintball. The body kit clamps around your A5, and an extended barrel—with a threaded muzzle crowned by a removable muzzle break—replaces your factory barrel. Behind your marker, the distinctive M249 stock is replicated, with a new back block that slips into your A5 with minimal effort…and maximum stability.

Just like the latest models of the real deal, the M249 SAW Body Shroud is covered in mil-spec accessory rails: one on each side of the barrel shroud, two on the top, one below, and two more right up against the extended, threaded-muzzle barrel. That gives you seven different sections of rail, to which you can attach tactical grips, the Body Shroud"s detachable bipod, flashlights, sights, lasers…

Real Action Paintball has a full line of accessories perfect for the M249 SAW Body Shroud, including compressed air powered paintball grenade launchers…when the power of a Squad Automatic Weapon alone just isn"t enough!

The body kit installs quickly, and all necessary parts and tools are included with the kit. No matter your familiarity with Tippmann products, the installation is straightforward, simple, and easy to reverse when you need to strip it off to run light for awhile.

You can deck out your team"s spare A5 with the M249 SAW Body Shroud, install the bipod and set it up to defend your base—you"ll have the only flag station guarded by that much firepower.

But when you"re ready to charge the field with it, you"ll be thankful for the all-metal construction that will take just about any beating you can live through—the real M249 SAW is just that tough, and so is the M249 Body Shroud.

Real Action Paintball—As Real as it Gets!

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